Alternative Fitness Equip

Used in Europe since the 1960s for physical rehabilitation,vibration exercises are supported by sound science.

FIET machines are carefully chosen for superior value.

Whole body vibration exercise machines, like our Personal and Commercial Vibration Machines, are all the rage now, since star athletes and celebrities are achieving such phenomenal weight loss, toning and general fitness results with minimum effort. They are shaking the fat right out of their cells and visibly reducing cellulite. And they are doing in 10 – 15 minutes what would take at least one hour at conventional gym.

What’s more, oscillating vibration machines can be used safely if you are recovering from surgery and injuries, and will help seniors regain balance, strength and bone mass. Vibration exercise is great if you are just getting back into a fitness program and don’t want to suffer sore muscles. Fitness buffs can take their workout to a whole new level by using the vibration machine to add weight resistance training that dynamically engages the entire core muscle groups.

It’s no wonder that fitness enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike want a personal vibration exercise machine for home use.

If you are not familiar with this latest breakthrough in exercise technology, check the science behind it under Research. Or go to Reviews to see what satisfied users have to say about vibration exercise.