Analysis of Man’s Criteria

People are worshiping beauty. Human vulnerability to beauty is a natural practice of humans. The love for beauty of man has been remarkable since ancient times. People are not only attracted to the beauty of each other, but also want to see them as beautiful. Women - men all have a dormant desire to beautify themselves.

In order to transform this dormant desire into reality, man first looks at the decoration of his dress. In this case he changes his dress size, colors, pattern, design, get-up, set-up to enhance his beauty. Over time, people are not limited to changing dresses just to enhance their beauty. She is trying to enhance the beauty of her body and the beauty of her face. Because the mainstay of the beauty of a human body is its appearance or face. So variety of beauty products or cosmetic has been invented to enhance the beauty of face. On the other hand, the beauty of the face or appearance of the face depends (50%) on the shape, color, pattern and cutting design of the hair of his head. Therefore, a variety of chemical products, cutting and designing machines have been discovered to change the hair style of the head.

The physical beauty of man depends greatly on the nature and shape of his body. In this case, people with fine body characteristics are very beautiful. So, people began to build up bodies. Discovery is the body of various machines in the formation / fabrication of bodies.

In keeping with the dormant desire of human behavior and bodybuilding, we decided to do business with beauty products, healthcare products & technology. We are the pioneers and leaders of this business in this country