Message From President

Mr. Earshad Islam Mia –President of FIET

Our business policy

Welcome to all our concerned,

“Service the people by the best product of minimum price is our main motto”.

In view of this motto, FIET establish in 1995 for providing the service of body/health fitness & beauty products for the peoples of our country. From 1995 to till the day we are performing that commitment smoothly. Today we became most trusted & leading marketing company in our area.

Now round the world peoples are very much conscious and worried about their beauty of looks and fitness of body. Because there are many kind of beauty products in the market, which is fit for their body or not and harmful to health is hard task to find out. Now this wariness is not only the headache of customer it is also the headache of our concern. We are marketing the best product for our customer keeping in mind of people’s wariness. Always we are looking the best product which is beneficial to health of our customers. These are our basic principle of business policy.

We are committed to keep hold our business good will and quality of products.

Thanks & regards to all.

Md. Earshad Islam Mia - President