Who We Are

Fitness Important Equipment & Technology in short FIET is a marketing & distribution company of beauty products & fitness technology in Bangladesh. We import, supply & marketing the products of the world-renowned branded company according to our customers demand. In this case, we prioritize the products and technology of the world's newly invented products. There is a great demand of new technology of beautification of human body in our market.

Our goal is to attract the people with the new products, technology and satisfying them providing with their best services and retain the best and brightest people working across every aspect of our business.

Mr. Ershad Islam, Nephew of famous painter Zainul Abedin, established FIET in 1995 with a view to develop wellness & healthcare for the people of Bangladesh. Now FIET is the leading company in this area to promote the beautification of human body & wellness. We supply all our products to renowned branded parlors, spas, gym club dealers in the country. FIET is going ahead & running smoothly by the satisfaction of our customer.

Our target is to meet the needs of newly invented product materials, technology and technical knowledge, and to provide product delivery services for the enhancement of beauty practices and bodybuilding.